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Tom and Jerry Videos
Tom and Jerry Videos Tom and Jerry Videos is a comprehensive collection of italian videos of Tom and Jerry. From classic films to the latest features.

Streaming Movies
Streaming Movies Streaming Movies is collection with a lot of movies, cartoons, tv series and documentaries.
All the movies are complete and are in Italian language, you can watch the streamed movies directly in your mobile phone or tablet.

Potato Kids
Potato Kids Potato Kids is a pictures and sounds game for childrens.
In this kids game you can move some pictures in differents scenes. The pictures have some funny sounds and in some stages you can ear some english words so you can learn language.

Pods Defend
Pods Defend Pods Defend is an arcade/strategic/survival game.
The goal of the game is to defeat all enemies in each world before your base is destroyed. To defeat all enemies for a world you must survive to all enemies waves.

IVA Calc
IVA Calc With this free application you can calculate any rate of "IVA" (the italian VAT) in an easy way.

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