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YouTube Downloader 1.0.12

You Tube Downloader is a usefull software that explains if videos are copyrighted. 

YouTube Downloader is totally renewed!      

Press this button to download YouTube Downloader 1.0.12


Now is possible to download YouTube Downloader from any Android Device. Go to the Home Page to know about.

YouTube Tools needs at least Android version 2.3 

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App's usage terms[en]:

When user will use some feature of this apps "YouTube Downloader" he will must accept the "YouTube" terms of service.
The developer is not responsible for any misuse of the application contrary to the above "YouTube" terms of service.
The rights for the videos are all reserved to the respective authors. The rights about "YouTube" are also all reserved.

Termini di utilizzo dell'app[it]:
L’utente finale, utilizzando alcune funzioni dell'applicazione "YouTube Downloader", dovra' accettare  i termini di servizio di "Youtube", ed in particolar modo il punto "5.1 L".
Lo sviluppatore non si rende responsabile di eventuali utilizzi impropri dell'applicazione in contrasto con i citati termini di servizio di "Youtube".
I diritti sui video restano riservati agli autori cosi come quelli di "Youtube"

YouTube Tools does not collect or publish any personal information. If you would like to report any violations of this policy please contact us at


App bugs:

If you have any prblem with the app, please unistall and reinstall the app!


 If you want the YouTube Downloader older version 1.0.11 click here


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